Maladaptive Daydream

by The World At A Glance

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tomfrommyspace Bought this album instead of lunch. Definitely more satisfying. The contrast in guitar riffs and vocal registers complement each other impeccably, making for one tight track after another.
I don't personally believe in a piece of the Earth 'belonging' to any particular persons, but the acknowledgement of country in the description is definitely a trend I would like to see adopted by more Australian bands and it is important to understand the difference. As far as I'm concerned, The World At A Glance is setting a positive example both sonically and socially: this album is a 2017 essential. Favorite track: Frangere.
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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Liam Kriz
Recorded on the 4th-6th of August 2017 in Mark Del la Pena's studio in Brunswick

This album was recorded on the stolen land of the Woi Wurrung and Wurundjeri people. We wish to extend a thank you to them for letting us record a piece of music that means so much to us on their land.


released November 15, 2017


all rights reserved



The World At A Glance Melbourne, Australia

Four-piece Art-punk band from Melbourne

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Track Name: No Beginning
It Starts
Track Name: Pareidoliac
I saw myself as something close to human
A mannequin adrift upon an endless, voiceless sea

Thoughts of burden form
As wasted, dismantled verbs
Crying for a way out
Knowing there’s no way out

Contour lines convey the shape
They realign and help create
Paper worlds; plastic storms of noise

Abject, the will to leave
My failing, fleeting hope that time will see me sink into the world

Tear apart, form again...
Take our hands and bury them!

How can I know myself as nothing more?
Always something to hide...

These mirrored thoughts, they cage my mind
I see a face that isn’t mine
Track Name: Frangere
Can you measure the height of a feeling?
Is it a wanton act of circumstance?
Fluidly floating in between
I’m uncomfortably numb

How can I not recognise these shapes?
A ruler across the margin
From one point perspective
make sure the lines are all straight

Fracture the glass
Rip out the photograph
Statements were made
Still I can’t comprehend
Cannot pretend
this is worth living
Shut out the world but
Now its not worth giving in

Sheltered fiction
Steep frustration
Psyche breaking
The Case is cracking
Self connecting
Take the hand and
Take it away from me
Track Name: Slow Wave Inertia
Sleeping in slight of hand
Mirror image reflects flakes of foil
How many doors must I fall through
Just to get to where I need to go?
The book is full the pen is empty
Observe observer, Spy and sentry
No more feeling, no more thinking
Just disassociation
I’ve wrote down all my dreams
White streaks dragged in blue seas
Planes flying overheard yet no came back for me

the intonation spoke information about the past
The shaking knee, burdens the wrecking breed
Look alive, when the mares come to stay
It’s that time of day, when all I could do was lie

Its like I’m touching sunsets
Ring out to persons in lost and founds
melodies spelled out a thank you
in schedules of the week.

If only it were that easy to
forget where you originate
Shame the size of parades
And guilt explodes U.X.O’s

Floating heads around your bed
Scattered remains of sanity in paper
Wheres the first page?
It will help me piece this together.

Cliché wish to disappear
A blank letter in the box
This house was once so warm
Now its artwork and history

So now you wake
my one last wish
a dream to live
if these hands could still hold strong
as I see them pass through you

The sound of glass shattering
Outstretch your arms to me
Palms hold fingers crossed like sharp knives
As the motif repeats.

So now you wake
Track Name: Figment
Conscious is the noise
Scraping mirrors in my head
the life I’ll never lead
the path I’ll always tread

I can see it all up here
The world I’ve left behind
Those laughing, sleeping in the sound
As the voiceless lead the blind

Make for us a brittler mind
A way to break and wake up fine
A time to rise and a place to be
A purpose in this endless dream

After-image forgotten
I'm driven to be seen
Myself, a figment in your dream

Standing in place of all things never felt
I stared into the water
and I saw myself
as nothing more
I saw myself
Track Name: Reaction to Remembering
The hills I saw were laid with stars
A constant reminder that I was never far away
Away from the nights that never left
I'm sleepless amidst the sound

‘To the voice outside my head,
surveyor of the dream,
Tell me that I’m good
That I’ll always be clean’

I can’t forget those parts of me without tearing apart at the seams
Track Name: Our Hands Pass Through
Every day I feel the same
This constant refraction of who I am
Hands to build, a way to be...
Tear it apart.

Contour lines convey the shape
They reach beyond and permeate
A waking world behind our own:
Avoidant love and absent pain
I want to see the life I’d make
But it's hard to breathe, I can’t relate
I’m moving on, I’m parting ways
I’m better off far away
From up here you look so strange,
Like shapes and lines, you’ve always been...
Track Name: Nefelibata
Standing in triumph
Selector of newfound joy
Read from the finish
And bring it back to beginnings

Diving headfirst into uncertainty
In the sudden embrace of dreams
Come to me
An escape is amongst want and need
Concrete and electricity
Escape to the sea
Yet The heart is the heaviest of anchors

Dragging feet scuffs the court
Of the deities you worship
Praising rags soaked in oil
Set alight to “mutual interest”
All:A want to cut the cord
A hope to disappear
A chance to start anew
And a world to leave behind

The sun along the floor
The moon across my eyes
Just like the day before
We can let it pass us by

Paradise reaches peak
And the oceans not so blue
Sharpened the spear points
When I close the door on you

Floating here and there
In a Pendulum of rocks
Ornamented despairs
Lead me to stop

Progress will not be made
Golden coins bent on rails
Teeth bite through the fingernails
And the blood comes rushing to the top

Cover your eyes with wool
When you hear the rifles loading
Trust is falling down
While the muzzle fits the mouth

When the night turns to day
Venetian suns in the blue
Awaken to dizziness
That dreams will not return

Theres no need to fear
When tomorrow is east
Dreams will still come
we will meet again
Track Name: No End
Open your hands
As they Fall into mine
Words upon a page
As Clouds in your eyes
Empty sounds and
Broken glass surrounds
Im all alone
Hands are now empty
Sleep inside the hum
a knife scrapes the drum
I want another dream
For a world I wish to keep
Wave from the shore
The sun along the floor
The moon in my eyes
I see your face
Clearer than before
only for a moment
You were really there.
I can’t recall
The cold and the warm
The hand over hand
The emptiness filled
As I begin again

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